Who are you?

I am a residential consumer

Increase your home's energy efficiency, save on your bill and contribute to making the electricity system more sustainable.

I am a commercial consumer

Boost your business while increasing your energy efficiency and contributing to more renewable energy entering the electricity system.

I am an industrial consumer

Reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint, while helping the electricity system to be more sustainable, without compromising your processes.

Who are we?

The Flex Community is a virtual community for all actors in the electricity sector seeking consumer-based democratisation of energy management as part of the solution for the energy transition.

This is possible thanks to flexible consumption, i.e. the possibility to easily change the way we consume without compromising our needs.

Moreover, by making consumption more flexible we can increase energy efficiency, reduce energy bills and help the electricity system to become 100% renewable and more sustainable. At the same time, we promote the development of a democratic circular economy and make the most of the planet's existing resources.

From the Flex Community, we help consumers to make the best energy decisions to be less dependent on gas, reduce their electricity bills, be self-sufficient and be part of a community of consumers who actively collaborate for a better planet.

Stemy Energy is a pioneering technology company in the electricity sector dedicated to monitoring consumption, efficient management of energy resources and providing flexibility to the electricity system.


Bath and West Community Energy (BWCE) is a not for profit, Community Benefit Society, operating and growing successfully since 2010. Working to put people at the heart of the energy transition, placing ownership and control of energy in local hands. With a focus is on developing Clean local energy, community owned for the common good in Bath, UK and surrounding areas.

Flex Community is an exciting and innovative trial exploring 'flexible' ways to most efficiently and sustainably use renewable energy to meet household electricity demand.

Alison Turnbull, Innovation Project Manager

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